Keesha Jean-Baptiste

“Quietly fearless.” “A level of energy that never stops.” “A true business partner.”

Keesha Jean-Baptiste has been called a lot of things during her nearly 20 years as a senior HR / talent management leader and strategic marketing professional. Innovative, progressive, passionate and inclusive, to name a few.

Grouped together, these adjectives all help to illustrate the zeal and caliber of Keesha, who recently stepped into the role of SVP, Talent Engagement and Inclusion for the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4As). Prior to this stepping into this role, Keesha was the Director of Talent & Human Resources for Wieden+Kennedy’s flagship, 650-employee office in Portland, Oregon. But it’s not until you meet her in person that you realize the magnitude of her firepower, charisma and unwavering commitment to transforming organizations through their most prized assets: their people.

A modern, culture-focused talent officer, Keesha serves as a true change agent, leading with purpose and continually uncovering forward-thinking ways to drive growth while inspiring a new breed of contemporary, purpose-driven talent management professionals.

Keesha spent six years in senior HR leadership roles for Digitas (after representing the agency as a fast-track marketing leader for five). In each leadership position she’s held, Keesha has transformed the entire employee experience, including onboarding, development, career pathing, coaching and retention.

Keesha earned a Master of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communication from Emerson College, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication from James Madison University. She currently serves on the board of directors for ADCOLOR and Caldera Camp for the Arts.

When not working tirelessly to ensure business goals and talent strategies are aligned, Keesha enjoys yoga, listening to music and hanging out at home. She lives in New Jersey with her husband Yves, their 9-year-old daughter, 3-year-old son and Bingo, the family’s resident miniature Schnauzer.