Breaking Barriers
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Tuesday, October 8, 2019


Our Mission

To introduce female college students to the ad business and impart the value of women’s voices as we build a more diverse industry.

Our Work

Through a yearly mini-conference and immersion day, we introduce young women to the opportunities available in advertising. We aim to ignite their passion for the business we love and support them as they endeavor to become part of it.



We are proud to host inspiring women from the industry to help us explore the following questions:
What helps you break barriers?
What barriers have you broken in your life?
What barriers do you still want to break?


mmersion day

On conference day, attendees will participate in two break-out sessions for a more in-depth understanding of industry specialties lead by bohan experts.

Attendees are also welcome to schedule a follow-up agency visit to shadow industry specialties and participate in one-on-one networking.

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